Inside HFHC Operations (2023 QTR 1)

Dear HFHC friends,

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support of our ministry. Inside the attached Q1 report, you will find a link to our 2022 Annual Report, our Spring 2023 newsletter, and an update on our Proect Hope $1million gift match. There are many things we can rejoice over!

Our courageous Haiti team continues to keep all our programs going and capital projects moving ahead despite so much gang violence which is enveloping the Port-au-Prince area and slowly expanding into the villages. With 200 armed groups operating now in Haiti and only 9,000 police for the entire country (New York City has 36,000), 70% of the population supports international security support. Please pray for God intervention soon, to help rescue all of our staff who are living in constant fear of terrorist-type attacks and kidnapping. 

Abundant blessings,

Ken Bever

Founder & President

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