The church offers opportunities for genuine connection and service, both face-to-face and behind-the-scenes. Please see the areas of ministry below, along with contact information for those areas.


Deacon: Kris Austin, Elders: Charlie Powell, Bob Merideth, Email: [email protected]

Bible Classes for Adults

Elders: Ron Bever, Charlie Powell, Email: [email protected]

Children’s Classes

Deacon: Brent Lightsey, Elders: Ron BeverCharlie Powell, Email: [email protected]

All you have to do is tour the downstairs portion of the Britton road education building to see the emphasis on children. The walls declare the investment in these young souls. The “Promised Land” teaching program is designed to provide the best possible instruction, while at the same time being innovative and exciting. The educational program also manages to use a large number of teachers from a variety of age groups with the church family. In addition to the educational program there are special activities designed to assist parents in the spiritual development of their family. Envision how God can use you as a “Point of Light” to reach and teach children. What could you possibly do to get more unchurched children involved? How can you connect with non-Christian parents of children who are already involved?

You can keep in touch with this program through our Remind app. Simply text @29c48 to 81010 to get started. Click here for detailed instructions.

As a teacher, you can have an impact on young lives. We have teacher resources available here:


Assisting the Elders in monitoring spending within various ministries.

Deacon: Rollo Redburn, Elders: Jerry Durham, Rory Barneche, Email: [email protected]

Building & Grounds

Grounds: Ensuring that the surrounding areas of the building look good, that grass is mowed, trash removed, and bushes trimmed.

Deacon: Rollo Redburn, Elders: Jerry Durham, Bob Merideth, Email: [email protected]

Children’s Bible Hour

Deacon: Lanny Brooks, Elders: Ron BeverCharlie Powell, Email: [email protected]

Christian Service Center

Deacon: Jerrold Ludwig, Elders: Jerry Durham, Charlie Powell

College Ministry

Contacts: Chris Rich, Burt Smith, Elders: Bob Merideth, Jerry Durham, Email: [email protected]

While Britton Road might not seem to be the likely place for an active college ministry we are blessed by a large number of university students. Many of them are students at Oklahoma Christian University but students from a number of institutions of higher learning attend here. The university students add vibrance and energy that only young people can provide. The students are involved in all levels of the congregation including leading in worship, teaching classes, serving as mentors, as well as utilizing their growing skills in multiple areas of need. What can you do to be a “Point of Light” in with our college students?

Communion & Public Prayers

Deacon: David Marshall, Elders: Rory BarnecheBob Merideth, Email: [email protected]


Deacon: Rollo Redburn, Elders: Jerry Durham, Rory Barneche


Keeping the building clean and ready for use. (And reminding you that your momma isn’t here to do it!)

Deacon: Rollo Redburn, Elders: Jerry Durham, Bob Merideth, Email: [email protected]

Directory / Picture Board

Deacon: Chris Craig, Elders: Charlie Powell, Rory Barneche, Email: [email protected]


Deacon: David Reeves, Elders: Bob Merideth, Jerry Durham


Deacon: David Marshall, Elders: Charlie Powell, Ron Bever


Deacon: David Reeves, Elders: Rory Barneche, Jerry Durham, Email: [email protected]


Deacon: Jerrold Ludwig, Elders: Rory Barneche, Bob Merideth

Haiti Boxes

Deacon: Jerrold Ludwig, Elders: Jerry Durham, Charlie Powell

Hospital Visitation

Deacon: Jason Davis, Elders: Charlie Powell, Ron Bever


Deacon: David Marshall, Elders: Charlie PowellRon Bever, Email: [email protected]

Ladies’ Ministries

The women of the church work together to meet special needs and opportunities for service. For more information you can visit the Ladies’ Ministries Page, or email [email protected] .

Contact: Annette Turner, Deacon: Brent Lightsey, Elders: Ron BeverCharlie Powell, Email: [email protected]


Deacon: Lanny Brooks, Elders: Ron BeverCharlie Powell

Local Assistance

Elders: Jerry DurhamCharlie Powell, Email: [email protected]


Deacon: Kris Austin, Elders: Bob MeridethJerry Durham, Email: [email protected]

Marriage Seminars

Deacon: Chris Craig, Elders: Bob MeridethJerry Durham,

Meals on Wheels

Elders: Jerry DurhamCharlie Powell, Email: [email protected]

Newcomers Dinner

Deacon: David Reeves, Elders: Charlie PowellRon Bever


Deacon: David Marshall, Elders: Rory BarnecheBob Merideth

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Parking Lot

Deacon: Daryl Nash, Elders: Jerry DurhamBob Merideth

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Points of Light

Deacon: Daryl Nash, Elders: Charlie PowellRon Bever, Email: [email protected]

Public Relations & Social Media

Deacon: Jason Davis, Elders: Charlie PowellRory Barneche, Email: [email protected]

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Renovation (Building)

Deacon: Kris Austin, Elders: Jerry DurhamBob Merideth

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Deacon: Kris Austin, Elders: Jerry DurhamBob Merideth, Email: [email protected]

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Deacon: Jason Davis, Elders: Bob MeridethJerry Durham, Email: [email protected]

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Deacon: Kris Austin, Elders: Charlie PowellRory Barneche

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Deacon: Chris Craig, Elders: Bob MeridethJerry Durham, Email: [email protected]

Small Groups

Deacon: Chris Craig, Elders: Rory BarnecheBob Merideth

One of the best ways to maintain strong interpersonal connections is through small groups. At Britton road we have a collection of both informal and formal small groups. Some informal groups tend to develop around tasks and interests while other center on age and life experiences. The primary formal small groups are our purpose groups. Purpose groups meet twice a month on Sunday evenings. The meetings feature a meal together, a worship experience and the opportunity to share needs and pray together. All of these activities are wrapped in genuine fellowship .Other formal groups consist of bible study groups and prayer groups. There are plans for additional small groups, primarily support groups. Come, get involved, get to know other members and their needs, bring non-members to get acquainted with Britton Road members and to learn about Jesus. Envision how God can use you as a “Point of Light” in a small group ministry. Maybe you could even start a special-interest small group with someone else to make connections with unchurched people, or even a Bible study group in your home.

Taxes & Finance

Deacon: Danny WittenJerry DurhamRory Barneche


Deacon: Brent Lightsey, Elders: Ron BeverCharlie Powell, Email: [email protected]


Deacon: Jerrold Ludwig, Elders: Charlie PowellRory Barneche,


Deacon: Danny Witten, Elders: Jerry DurhamBob Merideth


Deacon: Brent Lightsey, Elders: Ron BeverCharlie Powell


Deacon: Brent Lightsey, Elders: Charlie PowellRory Barneche, Email: [email protected]

Widows & Orphans

Deacon: David ReevesBob MeridethJerry Durham


Deacon: Jason Davis, Elders: Rory BarnecheBob Merideth, Email: [email protected]

Young Marrieds

Deacon: Chris Craig, Elders: Bob MeridethJerry Durham,

Youth & Student Ministry

Minister: Travis Frost, Deacon: Daryl Nash, Elders: Bob MeridethJerry Durham

Youth ministry at Britton Road is a place where teens grow and develop spiritually and at the same time enjoying the journey. You can now get involved in a mentorship program for young people. What can you do to help serve and encourage teens? Email [email protected]