H. E. Johnmeyer passed away on June 4 in Dallas, Texas. H. E. attended Britton Road for several years while he lived in Oklahoma City. He was quite faithful to attend Bible classes on Sunday morning. H. E. knew the Bible quite well and often asked thought-provoking questions of the teacher. H. E. sat in the same seat at church every Sunday and all around him would be edified by his beautiful tenor voice. I knew H. E. quite well as I occasionally picked him up for church when he could not drive. I also drove him to Elk City, Oklahoma, for him to attend and for me to officiate at the funeral of his stepdaughter. I occasionally visited in his home and saw the heart of love that he had for his family. When he left Oklahoma City, I called him occasionally. He was being picked up by a neighboring Church of Christ bus on Sundays. He also appreciated the care being given to him by his son. For several reasons, I will miss H. E. Let us pray God’s comfort on his family as they meet to celebrate his life.