Hurricane Matthew Relief – Letter from Ken Bever

Dear Britton Road brethren,

Hurricane Matthew caused the worst humanitarian crisis in Haiti since the devastating earthquake of 2010. In the southern peninsula, homes were shredded by the 145-mile-per-hour winds and families throughout the country lost rooftops. Additionally, food shortages and water contamination threatened to bring disease and starvation.

Our prayerful goal was to deliver relief to those affected and give glory to Christ through His church as help was given.  The Delmas Church of Christ has been a wonderful partner – providing clothing and funds from their own members and sending many volunteer construction teams to assist with the efforts on the peninsula.  The following areas were our focus for the funds we received from churches:

  • HOMES: Repair and rebuild Christian’s homes
  • WATER: Provide Water Filter Bucket kits and train principals and students how to use them
  • HUNGER RELIEF:  Distribute rice and staples to those living in the southern peninsula
  • CHURCH & CHRISTIAN SCHOOL OUTREACH: Rebuild the Chambellan Church of Christ and Christian School facility that was destroyed in the hurricane and provide local church members and students with basic necessities.

Thanks to funds from you and sister congregations, we have been able to accomplish the following:

  • HOMES:  Two homes of church members were totally rebuilt in Cite Soleil ($7,000)
  • WATER:  Five-gallon buckets were purchased and Sawyer Water Filters were donated.  Many were taken to the church in the southern peninsula for the church members there. ($300)
  • CHURCH & CHRISTIAN SCHOOL OUTREACH:  Tarps and benches were purchased to allow the school to continue to operate while a new facility is being built.  The foundation of the Chambellan Church of Christ and Christian School has now been completed.  ($10,000) Additional funds are being raised to complete the roof.

We thank God for your partnership in these efforts.


Ken Bever


Hope for Haiti’s Children

PS – Please find pictures below. You can also see these pictures along with receipts of spending here.