Video Series and Class for Parents and Caregivers

Who: New class for parents and all caregivers to children
When: Begins Sunday March 14th @ 4pm on Zoom
Format: Kickoff class on March 14th. Every 2 weeks on our own time, watch 45-minute from 4-part parenting series delivered by Paul David Tripp. Meet to discuss applied scriptures and concepts every 2 weeks.

Materials: You can view a preview of this video series here. Links to all the videos will be provided at our first session. The videos can be watched, re-watched and shared freely within our church any time until 12/31/21.×9%20Trailer.mp4

Meetings: We will meet every two weeks until our video series is complete. Here are the times for all classes. 

  • Sunday March 14th @ 4pm
  • Sunday March 28th @ 4pm
  • Sunday April 11th @ 4pm
  • Sunday April 25th @ 4pm
  • Sunday May 9th @ 4pm

Location: Zoom (see Brent Lightsey, Chris Craig, or Matteo Winfree for Zoom details)