May 2014 report of Bro. Jeantyrard Elmera

May 2014 - Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Greetings in Jesus our King and Savior,

I want to thank you for your prayers and support as we strive to preach the Gospel to the lost.
We had a Gospel Meeting during the week of April 13-20, in Dalma Carrisade and at St. Michael which resulted in 18 baptisms. In St. Michael we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the planting of that church later this summer. This will be an area -wide celebration with churches throughout Haiti being invited.

We had the funeral for brother Voltaire recently. Brother Votaire was a well-known gospel preacher for the church of Christ in Cazeau who largely supported himself by being a butcher at a local market. Bro. Voltaire was a tireless worker for Christ and His church and established several churches in Southern Haiti. 2500 people were at the funeral to celebrate his wonderful life of service to the Lord.
I would appreciate your prayers for our family as we have travel plans for the summer. We will be celebrating the graduation of our daughter, Nellie who is graduating from high school June 19 and plans to go to Hampton University. Also, our daughter Mariel is getting married August 9 in Virginia.
With love in Christ,

J Elmera