Port-au-Prince Earthquake Crisis Relief Fund Report

Below is the most recent report from Brother Elmera. The elders at Britton Road on Feb. 8, wired the church at Delmas 28, $15,000 to help provide for the immediate needs of food, water and shelter for these 300 Christians now meeting at the two “camps” in Port-au-Prince. We are in contact with the Delmas church on a weekly basis and trying to meet their needs with the limited funds that we have. We are also having a conference call every two weeks with other church organizations to coordinate our Haitian efforts. If other groups would like to join us on these conference calls please let me know. Please continue to keep these Christians in your daily prayers. In Christian love, Ron Bever

Port-au-Prince Earthquake Crisis Relief Fund Report
Jeantyrard Elmera, Evangelist of Delmas 28 Church of Christ
Sunday, February 7, 2010

We thank God for all of the help of our brethren throughout the world which provides us with strength and hope in the midst of this chaotic situation. We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts our fellow Christians and sisters congregations for their prayers and love in action.
The foreign nations who have come to help (USA, Canada, France, etc. ) are heavily involved in the relief efforts and they have told us that there are more needs than resources. Providing food and shelter is not an easy task to over 1.5 million starving people in the streets. With the spirit of the kingdom of God in mind we see that God’s kingdom business must take precedence. After all, this is what matters for eternity — the kingdom of Christ. We are continuing to preach and teach about Jesus and the temporary nature of this earth. We have had gospel meetings the past two Sundays, with 45 souls added to Christ’s church since the earthquake. Last Sunday (Jan. 31) we had 13 confess Christ and were baptized. Today (Sunday, Feb. 7) 14 souls were baptized into Christ. Even though the church of Christ at Delmas 28 is without a physical building, we are blessed by our long term involvement and commitment to our local community. Thanks to the funds provided by my sponsoring congregation, the Britton Road Church of Christ ($8,200), along with support from Healing Hands International ($5,000), and Hope for Haiti’s Children ($12,000 for their sponsored children families) [$25,200 total], we have focused on using these funds wisely in the following areas:


Several Church of Christ congregations in Port-au-Prince are working together (Carrefour, Delmas, Cite Soleil, Cazeau, Croix-des-Mission) and we have organized 2 camps of refuge for homeless Christians and their extended families. These camps have been in full operation for the past 2 weeks (14 days). The first “camp of refuge” has 200 people and is located at a Catholic nuns facility – Sisters of the Immaculate Conception – which is across the street from our crumbled building at Delmas 28. We want to thank the sisters of this compound, who have had a real spirit of cooperation, partnership, and flexibility. Due to the lack of proper building inspections and the real possibility of a large aftershock, everyone still sleeps outside at night. We have located some tarps to cover the open area. The second camp houses 100 people and is located near the Mission Cross Church of Christ in the northern suburb of Port-au-Prince. Thanks to the funds provided by the Britton Road Church of Christ, Healing Hands International, and Hope for Haiti’s Children, we are providing water and feeding all 300 people with 2 hot meals a day and have been able to provide life-saving medicines and first aid treatment to those with wounds. We are trying to locate more tents and bedding to assist these 300 in these 2 camps of refuge. We are spending approximately $1,200/day to run these 2 camps. FUNDS SPENT TO DATE: $1,200/day * 14 days = $16,800 ADDITIONAL FUNDS NEEDED: $1,200/day


We have provided transportation funds to 75 church members who have extended family in village areas, to evacuate them over the past 2 weeks. FUNDS SPENT TO DATE: $3,000 NO ADDITIONAL FUNDS NEEDED


The Delmas 28 congregation has assisting in the planting of 60+ congregations over the past 20 years. We are now in touch with approximately 2,000 Christians from many of these congregations who may not have lost their home, but are urgent need of food. As funds permit, we have been trying to send minimal funds to feed at least 200 of these Christians per day [$1/person/day] ($200/day). We have begun the effort this past week with providing them with beans, rice, and cooking oil for 5 days ($1,000 total). We ask for additional funds to provide dry food (beans, rice, cooking oil) for these Christians. It is sad for us to be approached for help by many starved Christians and not have something to give them. FUNDS SPENT TO DATE: 200/day * 5 days = $1,000 ADDITIONAL FUNDS NEEDED: $200/day


We are now removing the debris at the Delmas 28 church building. We have spent $3,000 to date. The estimate for complete removal of all the debris is $18,000. We continue to recover the dead bodies of the 36 nursing students who perished in the earthquake. We also will be looking to recover official Delmas Christian School records and church documents. FUNDS SPENT TO DATE: $3,000 ADDITIONAL FUNDS NEEDED: $15,000


We look forward to continuing to partner with our brethren to continue this ministry of love here in Port-au-Prince.
With Love,
Jean T. Elmera