Clearing the Rubble at Delmas 28

Since the destruction of the Delmas 28 building, approximately 800 Christians associated with the Delmas church have been meeting out of doors in several locations around Port of Prince. One group of about 200 Christians have been living on the grounds of a Catholic compound across the street from the demolished Delmas 28 building. This group of Christians have been asked to move out of that location by Feb. 25 so that the Catholic grounds can be ready for a school to begin there on March 1. Bro. Elmera has informed us that there is really no place for Christians to go–no rental property available, etc.. He asked Britton Road if we could help the church there finance the removal of debris from the Delmas 28 site. Some money has been sent down to begin that process and the pictures you see here show equipment beginning to remove the rubble. Once the property has been cleared, the church will start living on these grounds and possibly in the future start a Christian school.

Haiti COC response