7/17/17: Haiti Report from Jeantyrard Elmera

Report of Jeantyrard Elmera, Port of Prince, Haiti

July 17, 2017

From April –June 2017

We conducted a series of Gospel Meetings from the Delmas 28 church to the central part of Haiti (Hinche, Carrisasade, and St Michel). Many people came to these meetings as result of our T. V. and radio broadcasts in Port of Prince.  In these meetings, we had a total of 105 who responded to the gospel invitation of Christ and were baptized.

Response to Hurricane Matthew

In the Fall of 2016, Hurricane Matthew devastated the western peninsula of Haiti.  The Delmas Church of Christ in Port of Prince responded by collecting food and supplies from churches in Haiti and in the U. S.   We took several truckloads of supplies to the people and churches affected.  Several years ago, we sent one of our members out to this Chambellan area to preach and establish the church.  This church was completely destroyed by the hurricane.  After several months of rebuilding, the Chambellan church has rebuilt larger and stronger than before.

On June 18, 2017, we attended the grand opening of the church building.  The building will hold over 500 but we had had an opening meeting with 1100 people from the Chambellan area attending with nine baptisms and nine weddings on that day.  The mayor of the city was there to congratulate the church. People are responding to the gospel every week.  The tragedy of a hurricane has turned out to be for the glory of God.  The city of Chambellan will never be the same. The congregation now needs benches, and teaching material. I want to thank Hope for Haiti’s Children, the Britton Road Church of Christ in Oklahoma City, Choctaw Church of Christ, Choctaw, Oklahoma, and many other churches and individuals who helped supply relief funds.

Chambellan Church Before

Chambellan Church with their new Facility

Attendance at Chambellan Church

Chambellan Church Baptisms

Doors of opportunity in Dominican Republic

We received a call from Neyba, Dominican Republic.  After a Gospel seminar there, seven Pentecostal churches were led to accept New Testament Christianity and become churches of Christ.  We have plans to strengthen these new churches in Neyba.

Graduation in December

We are diligently working to graduate our first students after four years of training in our School of Preaching at Delmas 28.

Thank you very much for your prayers and support.  We are blessed to have you join us in God’s great work of saving souls and encouraging churches in Haiti.