Posts from March 2020

3/31: Eastern European Mission Dinner

On Tuesday, March 31st, Eastern European Mission is hosting their annual OKC Area Benefit Event at 7:00PM at the Gaylord University Center on the campus of OC. A meal will be provided and serving will begin at 6:30PM. To attend go to and register for the OKC Event on March 31st. Come hear the…

3/23: Mondays at North Mac

The Britton Road elders encourage you to take advantage of six, upcoming Monday evening sessions presented by Dale Hartman at the North Macarthur Church of Christ, March 23-April 27, 2020. Especially, if you are a Bible teacher, or want to become a Bible teacher, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Dale Hartman…

3/14: Wells/Merrill Shower

There will be a wedding shower for Cameron Merrill and Melonie Wells on Saturday, March 14th, here in the fellowship room at 10:00am. They are registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target. If you have any questions please see Connie Rankin or Dorene Reeves.