9/4: Free Greek Classes for All

Greek Classes this Fall (Tuesdays, Starting September 4):
From Charlie Powell: Lord willing, I intend to teach our Greek classes this fall.

6:15-7:00 p.m. – I’ll work with beginning level students (including any new students who might like to get started learning Greek). We will use as a learning and reference text:: David Allan Black’s, Learn to Read New Testament Greek. 3rd ed. Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing Group, 2009, along with the free video courses available at https://dailydoseofgreek.com/learn-biblical-greek. The video lessons will make it possible to do a lot of the learning between classes, and we can use class time for clarification, to answer questions, and note significant examples.

7:00-7:50 p.m. – Intermediate-advanced level Greek. We will continue reading the Gospel of Mark. We should be somewhere around chapter 8 by then.

7:50-8:15 p.m. – We will read brief excerpts from a variety of Koine texts (which will be supplied). This will include readings from the Didache, the apostolic fathers, the Septuagint, papyri, etc. We might even throw in a bit of classical Greek, as well.

Greek Resources: I recommend watching the following video to see some really useful things you can do with the free version Logos (Logos Basic): https://sermons.faithlife.com/logos-media/1883466-7778752–

You may want to check out the great Logos 7 Fundamentals package available for less than $100 here: https://www.logos.com/fundamentals?utm_campaign=promo-fundamentals&utm_medium=advertising_exit&utm_source=sermons

If you are a subscriber to scribd.com, there are several excellent Lexham language and linguistic resources available for reading and reference, as well a a multitude of other readable and downloadable Greek and Hebrew language resources. Olivetree.com has several of its excellent original language resources on sale for about 50% off for a limited time.

If you buy any of the Greek or Hebrew resources (NA28, LXX, BHS) make sure you get the the ones that include parsings, and package together the critical apparatus and lexicon/dictionary. There are several excellent Greek language learning video courses available at faithlifetv.com.

If you come to our Tuesday night Greek class, I will offer you free access to this subscription based library. A good, free, classical Greek learning website with interactive tutorials is available here: https://daedalus.umkc.edu/FirstGreekBook

Please pray for me, for wisdom and health to make this happen. I’m really excited to see those of you who can be here!