Upcoming Series for Teens & Parents

Parents/Guardian Class
Starting September 1 and going through September 22 (four weeks) on Sunday mornings in the fellowship room, there will be a class for the parents and guardians of children and teens that will be focused on faithful Christian parenting, leading children spiritually at home, passing on faith, leaving a real legacy for your children, etc.. This class will be led by Dr. Dudley Chancey from Oklahoma Christian University. He was in youth ministry for something like 27 years and has taught Bible and Youth Ministry at OC for years now. He has grown, faithful children of his own. (He also married Piper and me.) Please encourage all parents and guardians to attend this great class! You will learn a lot and be reminded of a lot. It will be honest and practical.

Student Class
I will begin leading a teen class in the youth room on topics and issues related to healthy sexuality (to go along with Liz McElroy’s seminar about sexuality for the parents). This class will be from September 1-September 29 on Sunday mornings. We will be back to our regular 7-12th grade student class during this series. There may be a guest speaker and a panel of experts during part of the series. Please encourage parents and guardians to get their students to this class!

Between the two series happening simultaneously, we hope that both students and parents will attend classes well in the coming weeks. Please encourage others to attend these classes, and if someone can make an announcement on Sunday about these series as well, that would be really great! Looking forward to so many wonderful things happening at Britton Road soon. We will miss being there with you all this weekend. I love our church, and I am thankful for all that each of you do to make not just the future, but NOW, better and brighter here. I pray that our students will grow to love the Body of Christ just as each of you do.