March 2016 Report from Haiti – 30 Year Anniversary


Dear Christian friends,

Delmas 28 church is celebrating its 30 year Anniversary by having an Evangelist Meeting and Spiritual Enrichment series for two weeks, March 13-27, 2016.  About 150 preachers and church leaders are expected to be here from churches  all over Haiti for this occasion.  Please pray for this important two week meeting. If any of you can help with the expenses of hosting this event, please contact Ron Bever, one of the Britton Road church elders in Oklahoma City.

Also please pray for our three-year Preacher Training School here at Delmas which is now in its third year.  We have 20 preachers who have finished two years and have entered the third year program.  We appreciate so much all of your support for our work.

In Christian love,

Jean Elmera