Report from Jean Elmera March 2014

Greetings to all our friends and supporters. God continues to smile on us. We received the good news that the Ministry of Public Health granted the school of nursing that meets in our building in later afternoons an official license to operate as a School of Nursing. This service which we provide for the community has opened the door for many contacts for the gospel of Christ.
Our school of preaching opened this past month with 30 students. This program is going well and we are anticipating great things from the men being trained to effectively teach and preach God’s Word.
Now that we are requiring community students, grades K-12, who are attending our daily school to attend Delmas 28 Sunday church services at least once a month, we have had eleven students who have been baptized.
In regard to my family, we rejoice that our adopted son, Stephan, has just married. Our daughter, Mariel, is engaged and plans to marry in the fall.
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.
In Christian love,
Jean Elmera